WebSphere Operational Decision Management combines decision making and change detection tools to provide


WebSphere Operational Decision Management combines decision making and change detection tools to provide

BRMS, building trusted and valued relationships is our top priority. This dedication to client services is reflected in the positive feedback of our most valued asset, our clients.

BRMS is the IBM strategic solution for planning and managing save and restore operations on your System product. BRMS base product provides all of the functions that most System users need to implement a fully automated, single system, backup, recovery, and media management strategy. Using BRMS, you can manage your most critical and complex save operations, including online backups of Lotus servers.

It also supports parallel save operations of a library or single object using up to 32 tape devices, which shortens the save window by using multiple devices. You can also recover your system fully during a disaster or failure, or restore single objects or libraries from your save media. BRMS can also perform some daily maintenance activities that are related to your backup routine. As your business needs change and grow, you can add functions to the BRMS base product by purchasing and installing additional options. The Network feature of the BRMS product provides centralized management of multiple BRMS systems within a network using local TCP/IP, Advanced Peer-to-Peer Network (APPN), or both. A BRMS network system shares the inventory and policies associated with media managed within BRMS network group. In addition, users can view the save history of any system in the network from a single system. The networking feature also simplifies media duplication by using one system in the network to duplicate media for another system in the network. The systems in a BRMS network can be other System platforms or individual i5/OS partitions.

The Advanced feature of the BRMS product enables Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) archive with HSM dynamic retrieval and automated disk pool data migration. Parallel save operations work with the BRMS Advanced feature to allow for parallel archive and parallel dynamic retrieval of a single object. The ability to dynamically retrieve a large database file in parallel helps to reduce the window of the retrieval process. The BRMS Advanced feature allows archive capabilities of database files, stream files, and documents based on frequency of use, inactivity limit, object size, or disk pool thresholds.


WebSphere Operational Decision Management combines decision making and change detection tools to provide a business rule management system that is easy to evolve, trace, audit, and test.

WebSphere Operational Decision Management includes two main components, on both distributed and z/OS platforms:

Decision Server for managing decisions and event detection separately from applications.

Provides the runtime and development components to automate the response of highly variable decisions based on the specific context of a process, transaction, or interaction. You can monitor a business network to discover and take action on event-based data patterns, and then process this information against hundreds or even thousands of business rules in order to determine how to respond within front-end and back-end systems.

Decision Center for putting decision management in the hands of those who drive the business.

Business users can manage decisions and events directly based on organizational knowledge and best practices, with limited dependence on the IT department. The degree of dependence can range from a limited review by business users of the business logic implemented by developers, to complete control over the specification, creation, testing, and deployment of the business logic by business users. Business and IT functions can work in collaboration, aligning the entire organization in the implementation of automated decisions and accelerating the maintenance life cycle as they evolve based on new external and internal requirements.

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